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The Nuts & Bolts of Shopping Website

Ecommerce has been around for sometime with many upgrades in terms of security up til now. With the latest free HTTPS options it has never been more affordable with. Building a successful ecommerce solution requires a few key ingredients. The first and critical ingredient is to be able to build trust with a visitor early on by displaying what we call trust signals. Some of those signals include pop-ups with recent purchases displayed, quality guarantees, social media page links, https enabled, year business started, affiliations, etc. Product specifications should all be uniquely written and relevant to visitors questions, answering most common questions in the buying cycle.

Photography plays an important part too. People like to see what they are buying. Often having multiple pictures improves sales. Privacy policies are also very important as potential clients may want to see this info before leaving their private information with you. Sales policies along with returns policy sales

What Do I Need To Start?

Depending on what you are selling determines the time we need to put everything together. We have various questions that we need answers to before working up a timeline and price.

  • Do you have an existing online shop or is it a new project?
  • Do you have photography done for your products and are those photos done professionally?
  • Do you have unique content written for your products as well as product specifications?
  • Do you have an offline shop and want an online shop as an extra outlet?

Let’s have a sit down or consultation to go over your requirements.

Ready to begin?

Fill out our form below with your details. Once you have sent us the info we will call you back shortly to organise a skype chat or arrange a meeting if you are based in Cape Town to go over any finer details. We look forward to hearing from you.

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