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Addweb founder - Gregory Keet

About Addweb

Addweb was founded in 2003 as a website design and optimization company after Gregory (picture left) left the corporate life and opened up his own agency.

I remember SEO heyday when keyword stuffing and alt tag optimization meant a dictionary could be stored in each image

When SEO first became an industry Greg had already established an agency that delivered results, deploying every conceivable white-hat SEO method. Every new kid on the block approach was tested out and used if it worked. Over the years as mobile became more prominent, especially when local search became the in thing, the small Addweb team jumped at optimizing clients online products, keeping them up to date with the latest trends.

Over the years Addweb built up a knowledge base second to none. We know exactly what Google wants and how it delivers search results. We’ve got the winning formulae to push your site through the SEO roof. How do we do it? That is a question we aim to answer in our new series of content for 2020, detailing the intricacies of all things SEO and online marketing.

The future looks bright, and we want to be there to capture those moments. In the coming year, we are rolling out our video creation centre with the mission to churn out awesome video footage for our weekly vlog publication. Stay tuned!

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Striving towards coding perfection.

Gregory Keet
Gregory KeetFounder
Started Addweb in 2003 – Developer – SEO expert – Photographer – Scuba Diver – Nature Fundi

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Client Reviews

“Greg has done amazing website design work for us since 2003. Our company has always done well with enquiries and feedback from customers. Umkomaas Lodge highly recommends Addweb to anyone wanting the best advice and practical online marketing solutions.”

Lelanie Botha • Business Owner, Umkomaas Lodge

“Many thanks to Greg at Addweb. He has taken our broken website and done some incredible video production. We look forward to working with company for many years to come. This is the best web design marketing company on the south coast.”

Mark Edmunds • Business Owner, Catskee

“Our website was slightly dated with some errors and decided to give the re-development over to Addweb who transformed my website in a mobile app on my phone. My guests comment about the website and they enjoyed reading through the pages.”

Mick Clark • Codfather, Umkomaas Guest House

“I have a small fishing shop. Addweb built me a website with WordPress. Have a look for yourself. It’s an online shop with checkout and everything! I have already received enquiries in a few months. I recommend Addweb to all companies who need proffesional help with their website.”

Henri • Business Owner, Rod Repairs

Reliable Online Tools & Technology

Like every workshop that has a set of greasy tools for the job, we rely on some of the best technology out there to create seamless and robust solutions.

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