Publishing Stage

The Final Stage, Going Live

All the planning was done and designing the site took a little while according to the time sheet setup initially. Regular updates were sent for feedback and to signed off along the design journey. At this stage all payments are finalized first before the website is published and goes live. Now that the design is complete and all content is added, we move the entire site to the domain. We then do a series of finishing touches. We add cache optimization and test the site for any bugs, testing all calls to action so that the site is 100% operational

We make use of three major hosting providers.

Are the Websites Search Engine Optimized?

The only time a website is possibly not optimized is when a client requests us to transfer their site from another hosting provider to us. In this case the site is migrated without any changes made to the code. One other reason will be when a client wants a mobile site created that does not serve as the desktop version.

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