Planning Stage

Why Do I Need To Plan My Website?

A website plan is a kind of reverse engineering. We start with your goals in the beginning, working out what the final result should be. You may be looking for sales online, enquiries from interested visitors, likes and shares on your social platforms, or you simply might want to promote a holiday home. We build up a wire frame structure that is designed according to those goals and work our way back to the home page, so that nothing is left undone from from beginning to end.

Trust Signals Equal Sales

Another aspect of great design is the ability to establish trust very early on through various subliminal features that automatically build trust. Examples are a strong social media presence showing people proof of existence or excellent customer reviews. Another good trust signal is an endorsement or membership badge of a trusted organization and the year your business was established. Another final example is a listing of all your staff members. These all work together to build a strong and instant trust signal that all visitors will acknowledge.

A plan complete is 90% of the work done

Where Do We Start?

Compile a list of goals that you would like to achieve. Below is a checklist of the types of information that will help in deciding how to build the website. Ask yourself what are the questions you would ask if you were interested in your product or service. How would you go about answering those questions and at what stage of the content are those questions asked. What affiliations are you a member of? Do you have customer reviews? What guarantees do you offer your clients? Do you have a loyalty program?

Frequently Asked Questions

List your types of visitors that you are targeting. It could be primarily male or female, from a specific region, having a certain age. It could be a specific market from a business to business perspective. Question how you could increase your market if you had to advertise on the internet.
Content types include: Brand logo,Home page, About page, Services, Product descriptions, Product specifications, Privacy policies, Terms & conditions, Downloadable brochures, Affiliation info and graphics, Contact information, Directions, News, Blogs and Promotions. Images and optionally videos are also needed. Be sure to take as many photos as needed of, premises interior and exterior, staff members, products and blogging images (if you have a blogging schedule).
The idea is to create a marketing orientated structure into your design, so that the website echoes your marketing goals on and offline. Keep this in mind. Draw up a bubble chart starting with your home page. Build out more bubbles and write a title for each. Finish off each channel with a specific goal or call-to-action. Essentially all your pages besides blog posts should have at least one or more call-to-actions. Draw up a definitive sitemap that covers all your pages. Examples include: Home page | About page | Product categories | Products | Contact page | Terms & conditions | Privacy policy | Blog | Rooms | Activites | Events
Most companies have content that has been written by employees and on some occasions the content is solid and good enough to use as website content. Firstly if you do have content, we need to know if it has been published online elsewhere in the past. If it has, we are going to have a duplicate content problem with Googles algorithm. Duplicate content can hurt your position in the search engine results. If you do not have great content I will advise that we organise a professional writer to do the content. It solves a lot of problems if we have the right types of content written from the get-go. In conjunction with your sitemap draw up a similar structure for your content plan with the same titles for each. Describe the content type for each page. Examples include: Articles; Blog | Documents | Products | Image gallery | E-commerce | Digital content | Physical products | Event registration | Contact forms | Discussion forum | Social media | Event calendar | Email newsletter Advertising | Links | Search function | etc.
A picture spells a thousand words. Is your imagery top-level professionally done photography? Do not skimp on this by using photos taken from a mobile phone etc. You want the best possible photography done. It sells your business and give an immediate impression on all visitors on your website. If you have really good quality photography done it helps with increasing sales, which is what you want. Examples of photography needed include; Staff (singular & group) | Finished products | Products being manufactures | Machinery & operators | Interior (reception, boardrooms, etc) | Exterior | Delivery vehicles | Events, Working examples of products in the field | etc
We have a large selection of templates to go through that help in establishing a design that is suited to your business. Often we have a problem with clients deciding which is best for their business because “It looks lekker” from the owner’s perspective, but it does very little for the brand or the customer wanting to view your services or products. I strongly urge that we decide what works the best, as this is the industry we work in and have the experience to work out where items etc should go. We really want you to succeed first and foremost. Often clients don’t have the professional ability to put this together.
We use WordPress as our preferred content management system for all our website development. Once we have completed the design and content we create a client profile where the client is able to add pages and content. We charge a fee for repairs if the site is broken for some reason by a client. If you want content to be added after the design and content is already done, I suggest you allow us to help with the process as the content management system can be quite technical.

Ready to begin?

Fill out our form below with your details. Once you have sent us the info we will call you back shortly to organise a skype chat or arrange a meeting if you are based in Cape Town to go over any finer details. We look forward to hearing from you.

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