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What is Paid Marketing?

Paid marketing has many aspects, and quite a few terms, used in the industry. Examples include; PPC (Pay Per Click), Search engine marketing and social media marketing. The aim of a paid marketing campaign is to generate a specific result. To execute a paid marketing campaign we always start at the finish-line, by identifying what the end result should be and then work backwards up til we have topics, content needs and calls-to-actions mapped out before building the campaign. Sales and lead generation are two aspects that companies often want to achieve from a paid marketing campaign.

Essentially there are two types of campaigns we look at. One is a PPC campaign where paid adverts are displayed. When someone clicks on the advert, the fee for that click is removed from your overall advert budget. The other type is a CPM (Cost Per Impression) campaign where the fee for showing the advert is removed when the advert is displayed on a page. If a person clicks on the advert there is no consequent fee.

While the CPM method has its advantages in terms of cost effectiveness and with brand visibility among competitors for long term market reach, we much prefer going the PPC route where clicks mean people have visited your page, and no other payments are required including impressions.

Paid marketing is measurable and highly effective marketing for every business

Paid Marketing Example on Google

On your left are classic examples of paid campaigns on Google, this one displaying the brand new (and totally amazing) Go Pro 6 that has recently been launched. As you can see Takealot have a lot of visibility. They want to be seen as the go-to shop for buying this product.

Paid Shopping Adverts

The shopping ads are quite different to the text based links and display multiple vendors at times. In this case Takealot have dominated this area, with many Go Pro cameras and accessories. If you scroll through the tabe you will however see that other vendors are competing for this space. To be the first in line in terms of visibility, there is a specific ranking algorithm that the Google auction system relies on to place ads according to ad-spend and ad-relevance. If your ad-relevance is highly optimized, the price of your auctioned ad is reduced while your advert may still appear in first place, even if other vendors have paid more for high placement.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Most of you will have seen these adverts at the top and bottom of Google search results, on other websites, in apps and various other places all over the web. Its the largest advert network on the internet with a very wide reach for all business categories. They are ideal for new businesses who have no internet authority and are looking for market penetration in a short period of time.

The ad also have various features (blue links under the advert) which further enhance the ad campaign, optimizing click through rates and hopefully will lead to a conversion.

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