WordPress related questions

What is WordPress?

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WordPress is our most favourite thing. We use WordPress every day to create and maintain websites. What makes it special is its ability to be changed dynamically when users log in and make content updates. When we build a website we always offer the customer the opportunity to take a basic user lesson online. If you have a WordPress installation and need help in learning how to access this amazing CMS, contact us with your request. Otherwise here is a link from YouTube which introduces you to WordPress. Please note the video is comprehensive and goes into domain names and hosting. We take care of all of that for you.

Can my website get hacked?

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Like all online hosting services, they all are at the whims of unscrupulous hackers. However, firewalls do protect our domains very well in case they are put under siege. We make sure all our hosted websites are HTTPS secure with a digital certificate installed. We make sure the site has spam protection and also have email inbox spam protectors that delete the trash even before it gets into your spam filter.

WordPress installations can be vulnerable if the plugins and core updates are not attended to when their notifications arrive. We offer the on-going service of maintaining plugins and core updates for a nominal fee of R70 per month over and about how hosting rates.

I can’t log into WordPress

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Let’s work this one out. Have you got your login and password? The fastest way is to click on Lost Password and add your registered email address into the text field and press “Reset Password”. Check your email shortly thereafter for an email containing a link – click on this link and complete the New Password process – be sure to save your password in a text file somewhere in My Documents for future reference – Always set difficult passwords – You can always copy and paste the password into the system if needed. Chrome and most of the browsers have a login password locker where you only need to add them once and the credentials are privately saved for later use when needed.

If the problem persists please open a ticket here for us to check the system and see what is causing the problem to occur. We will then be in touch with our findings and a solution which may include making use of TeamViewer to physically check your login and password.

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