Hosting related questions

Can I check my email online?

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Yes, you can. Every website installation has a CPanel. This Cpanel is used for many tasks while building and maintaining your website’s health. One of the sections contains all your email boxes where you can log in, and check your mail, from any device, anywhere in the world. For travelling business people this is a great service. We do not normally give this information out unless requested. Open a ticket if you would like Cpanel access.

Can my website get hacked?

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Like all online hosting services, they all are at the whims of unscrupulous hackers. However, firewalls do protect our domains very well in case they are put under siege. We make sure all our hosted websites are HTTPS secure with a digital certificate installed. We make sure the site has spam protection and also have email inbox spam protectors that delete the trash even before it gets into your spam filter.

WordPress installations can be vulnerable if the plugins and core updates are not attended to when their notifications arrive. We offer the on-going service of maintaining plugins and core updates for a nominal fee of R70 per month over and about how hosting rates.

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