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What is needed for a website design?

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To get the process flowing there are a few requirements that help facilitate a timeframe for project completion. Here is a list of requirements.

  1. Branding – Logo, Typesetting if possible (else we will source it online) & any other branding material.
  2. Photos – It makes sense to update older footage is your business look or interior/exterior have changed. Ideally a great photo of your staff compliment in an outdoor setting such as your shop entrance, or next to something prominent within your company (with branding in the shot is an ideal but not an absolute necessity). We do website & product photography if needed. Let us know if you would like some updates done.
  3. Text – Content is the make or break of any website. We offer a content writing service unless you already have updated content written up. Send us what you have & we will then draw up a list of where additional content may be needed to complete the website.
  4. Business details – business address, area code, business incoming calls telephone number, optional extra (mobile) numbers and names, e-mail addresses, optional skype and WhatsApp addresses, social media channels(Facebook business page, Twitter business account, Instagram business account, Linkedin business account).

What is a hybrid website?

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A hybrid website is a standard website when viewed from a desktop device. The difference happens when you visit the hybrid website for the first time with a mobile device. A popup appears with a prompt to “Add To Home Screen”. If you add the website to your Home Screen, it will create an icon on your phone, like an app. When you click the app button it opens up the website in an app format, but the content is identical as the mobile website version. This is a great add on for companies that rely on return business. A good example is a Pizza shop, where clients don’t need to surf the web to find your services. All they do is install the app – we can customize this so that a menu is all that opens up – and they can place an order direct, making the user experience fast, easy and seamlessly integrated into standard online services.

What does mobile-friendly mean?

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We often tell people about how all the websites we build are mobile-friendly. Mobile devices take up the vast majority of devices with online access. Approximately 95% of all of Facebook traffic is from mobile devices. Your own website stats may vary but I can assure you that mobile traffic currently exceeds desktop traffic in all search online. So it makes sense therefore that your website should be focussed on mobile functionality rather than with a website that’s focussed on desktop aesthetics. While both are important, we spend a lot more time of making sure your website works flawlessly on all tablets and mobile phones.

How long does it take to design a website?

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We rely on a certain supply of things like coffee to speed up the process! Our team develop websites that work, with attention to detail, we grind the coffee bean just right, to get that extra flavour, and that, ladies and gentlemen, takes some time to get right. Our first version of your site is stage one where we share our work with you. We then rework the content and do final tweaks before testing the website thoroughly. Once testing is complete, and the perfect cup is brewed, we hand over your project and sign off. Most websites we develop takes about 8-10 weeks to complete. A small 5-page site can take about 4-6 weeks.

What types of content are there?

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Content types include Brand logo, Home page, About page, Services, Product descriptions, Product specifications, Privacy policies, Terms & conditions, Downloadable brochures, Affiliation info and graphics, Contact information, Directions, News, Blogs and Promotions. Images and optionally videos are also needed. Be sure to take as many photos as needed of, premises interior and exterior, staff members, products and blogging images (if you have a blogging schedule).

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