We have had various versions of this question over time. The questions can only be answered properly when we know what product or service you have. That part of the equation decides many aspects of how we would market that product or service.

Example: A handyman business relies on local business and would need a local marketing plan with a lazer-focus on local visibility in paid campaigns on mobile and desktop. The website would need to deal with new vs return visitors effectively with explicitly simple calls to action, easy quote, easy call, 24-hour repair type approach. To up-scale his online marketing, we would then highly recommend building up a healthy post section (blog) with content creation around DIY (5 tips on gutter installation < that type of content). We would further upscale their social media channel with regular posts and link shares from the blog posts. A mailing list is implemented where we start building a mailing list that becomes an integral long term marketing platform.

There is more that can be done that drifts into offline marketing coupled with your online campaigns such as loyalty programs and affiliate plans. As you can see, online marketing involves understanding your business and your market well enough to grow that market out in the right places.