There are various methods to do this depending on the email client you currently use to send and receive.

Option1: For Outlook users we are able to compile a footer for you and that is fairly easy to implement into Outlook with the following instructions:

  • Your HTML file needed to add your new email footer will arrive by email attachment
  • When that arrives open the email and save the attachment in a folder that is easily accessible (My Documents or Desktop).
  • Open Outlook
  • Visit this link – Official Microsoft Page
  • Follow instruction on that page. If you come unstuck and need help, contact us for option 2.

Option 2: To make this process easy we would like to offer live support. To be able to connect with our live support please download Teamviewer here onto your computer. Teamviewer allows us to connect to your computer, set up the email footer, run a test mail scenario and sign out. Don’t worry, you can make a cup of tea and spectate while we get it all sorted out for you. And on top of that, you can disconnect at any time.

Option3: You have another email client – contact us with the name of the email client that you have installed. We will then check and see if it is possible to make a signature. If it is possible we will proceed and send via email with instructions to install correctly.