What is needed for a website design?

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To get the process flowing there are a few requirements that help facilitate a timeframe for project completion. Here is a list of requirements.

  1. Branding – Logo, Typesetting if possible (else we will source it online) & any other branding material.
  2. Photos – It makes sense to update older footage is your business look or interior/exterior have changed. Ideally a great photo of your staff compliment in an outdoor setting such as your shop entrance, or next to something prominent within your company (with branding in the shot is an ideal but not an absolute necessity). We do website & product photography if needed. Let us know if you would like some updates done.
  3. Text – Content is the make or break of any website. We offer a content writing service unless you already have updated content written up. Send us what you have & we will then draw up a list of where additional content may be needed to complete the website.
  4. Business details – business address, area code, business incoming calls telephone number, optional extra (mobile) numbers and names, e-mail addresses, optional skype and WhatsApp addresses, social media channels(Facebook business page, Twitter business account, Instagram business account, Linkedin business account).

What is a hybrid website?

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A hybrid website is a standard website when viewed from a desktop device. The difference happens when you visit the hybrid website for the first time with a mobile device. A popup appears with a prompt to “Add To Home Screen”. If you add the website to your Home Screen, it will create an icon on your phone, like an app. When you click the app button it opens up the website in an app format, but the content is identical as the mobile website version. This is a great add on for companies that rely on return business. A good example is a Pizza shop, where clients don’t need to surf the web to find your services. All they do is install the app – we can customize this so that a menu is all that opens up – and they can place an order direct, making the user experience fast, easy and seamlessly integrated into standard online services.

What do we do for lunch?

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Pool is often where sheet goes down in epic competitions where we play with our weeker hand. The winner always has to play with his weakest hand. One of our favourite lunchtime compo’s is racing our gaming-chairs. We all sit with feet off the floor and shift our body weight to get to the finish line. We do lunchtime beach walks and do our bit for nature, leaving only footprints. Our outdoors is real special, with 3 varieties of antelope and an amazing variety of birds.

What is WordPress?

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WordPress is our most favourite thing. We use WordPress every day to create and maintain websites. What makes it special is its ability to be changed dynamically when users log in and make content updates. When we build a website we always offer the customer the opportunity to take a basic user lesson online. If you have a WordPress installation and need help in learning how to access this amazing CMS, contact us with your request. Otherwise here is a link from YouTube which introduces you to WordPress. Please note the video is comprehensive and goes into domain names and hosting. We take care of all of that for you.

What does mobile-friendly mean?

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We often tell people about how all the websites we build are mobile-friendly. Mobile devices take up the vast majority of devices with online access. Approximately 95% of all of Facebook traffic is from mobile devices. Your own website stats may vary but I can assure you that mobile traffic currently exceeds desktop traffic in all search online. So it makes sense therefore that your website should be focussed on mobile functionality rather than with a website that’s focussed on desktop aesthetics. While both are important, we spend a lot more time of making sure your website works flawlessly on all tablets and mobile phones.

My attachments won’t send

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This happens when attachments exceed 10 megabytes. Unfortunately, all our email servers have this limitation.

Solution: Please open an account with Dropbox, where you are able to register for free and be able to upload large files and organise them in folders with 2.5 gigabytes of space available. You will also have the ability to share the attachments to email addresses. Click on Files > FIle requests, add their email address and it sends then a link to send you files, even if they do not have a Dropbox account. The other option is a download link that you can copy and paste into an email.

Once you have your link copied and pasted in your draft, complete the email and send them the link to download the files. This is a very well used and safe way to share files without overloading your emails with heavy attachments, and you get to send to multiple recipients with ease.

Can I check my email online?

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Yes, you can. Every website installation has a CPanel. This Cpanel is used for many tasks while building and maintaining your website’s health. One of the sections contains all your email boxes where you can log in, and check your mail, from any device, anywhere in the world. For travelling business people this is a great service. We do not normally give this information out unless requested. Open a ticket if you would like Cpanel access.

How does online marketing work?

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We have had various versions of this question over time. The questions can only be answered properly when we know what product or service you have. That part of the equation decides many aspects of how we would market that product or service.

Example: A handyman business relies on local business and would need a local marketing plan with a lazer-focus on local visibility in paid campaigns on mobile and desktop. The website would need to deal with new vs return visitors effectively with explicitly simple calls to action, easy quote, easy call, 24-hour repair type approach. To up-scale his online marketing, we would then highly recommend building up a healthy post section (blog) with content creation around DIY (5 tips on gutter installation < that type of content). We would further upscale their social media channel with regular posts and link shares from the blog posts. A mailing list is implemented where we start building a mailing list that becomes an integral long term marketing platform.

There is more that can be done that drifts into offline marketing coupled with your online campaigns such as loyalty programs and affiliate plans. As you can see, online marketing involves understanding your business and your market well enough to grow that market out in the right places.

How long does it take to design a website?

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We rely on a certain supply of things like coffee to speed up the process! Our team develop websites that work, with attention to detail, we grind the coffee bean just right, to get that extra flavour, and that, ladies and gentlemen, takes some time to get right. Our first version of your site is stage one where we share our work with you. We then rework the content and do final tweaks before testing the website thoroughly. Once testing is complete, and the perfect cup is brewed, we hand over your project and sign off. Most websites we develop takes about 8-10 weeks to complete. A small 5-page site can take about 4-6 weeks.

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