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The Big Question

There are a few different kinds of traffic that visit your website. We are focussing on “organic traffic”. Organic traffic is generated from people performing searches on a search engine of their choice. They type in keywords into the search engine and wait for the top results to appear. Those top results have been optimized for search engine search terms, and are gaining traffic organically from search queries.

This is what we do professionally, with over 20 years experience in search. We target only the keyword groups that are rellevant to your business and are words that generate conversions.

Words Are All We Need

Google and many other search engine spiders can only read the text, so it is critical that your wording is done right, with accurate and original content. But you need to first write to the user, the person who’s going to potentially read your text (like you are doing at this very moment). See this text is written solely for the user, giving the search engine the thumbs up, because that is the function of the written word, the message is ultimately for your reader.

Reliable Online Tools & Technology

Like every workshop that has a set of greasy tools for the job, we rely on some of the best technology out there to create seamless and robust solutions.

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    What is Search Engine Marketing and Optimization?

    The latest in search engine optimization techniques have developed into a creative mix of content that stands out amongst its competitors combined with a high-quality design, trust signals that win over visitors confidence as well as delivering on visitors original search intention. A well-optimized site should deliver a fairly high conversion rate while experiencing a low bounce rate.

    There are over 200 factors Google uses to rank a website ranging from domain age to the backlinks and terms used to load speed. They take user reviews and citations into account as further examples. But what are the most important signals? To nail it down to two factors, you firstly need great, well-written content that appeals to the logical and creative mindsets. The second most important signal in our opinion is your linking profile. Links that have been procured as a result of linkable content increases website authority. The other 198 factors all count as well, but those two factors determine the bulk of your overall quality score.

    Google wants sticky pages that serve the right results for the terms searched backed with amazing service

    Another very import important signal Google uses is how long a visitor stays on your website after finding the result on Google search. It’s perfectly logical that if a visitor stays on a page for 10 seconds and then hits the back button to look at other search results, indicating that the page was not relevant to what they were looking for. Google actively keeps this analytical data and uses it to rank the same page. If there is a high volume of visitors that indicate a short time on site, the page will drop down the rankings, because it clearly can not be relevant to the search terms used to find the page.

    What Do I Need To Start?

    Step one is to allow us to have a look at your websites current health. We do this by doing a website audit to determine how well the website is built. We do a competitor analysis and check your backlinks for quality scores that help us understand how good or bad your link profile is. We also check your keywords on Google search to determine your rankings. Review our questions and answers from past clients. If you have a question or two that are not answered below, please send them through to us. We will reply to the best of our knowledge and possibly also include them in our Q and A for future visitors.

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