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Web design has evolved over the past two decades as mobile devices fell into the market and changed the way people access the internet. In today’s fast paced lifestyle, websites that do well are those that deliver the right results for information, services or products they may be researching or wanting to purchase. We take a two-tire appraoch to intelligent design. With science & statistics in our favour we develop design around logic as well as appealling the creative aspect. As an example, if you own a bicycle shop, some customers are totally sold over the performance capabilities, while someone else will buy that same bike based on its colour, look and feel. With our approach we try to cover both bases, serving eye-candy with the stats.

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Do you need a website update? Or are you looking for new website development from the ground up? If you have an exiting website, may we have a look at your current live home page? Would you like to schedule an online meeting to discuss?

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After we have met and discussed a design plan we then set up the wireframe structure, building the perfect header and footer to compliment your content. We content process involves reworking dated information as well as beefing up what you already have with consumer and research related info to add to the websites content authority. We have options available for capturing the perfect imagery to go with your update. Technical tasks are then started, with search engine optimization employed across the entire site. We hook up with Google Analytics and Google Console as well as linking up with Google Local Business if you have not yet set up a Google Local Business listing. Lastly, we rebrand all your social media channels with the latest logo, description and a few finer tweaks with pages. If you d not have all the social media channels, we can easily set them up and manage the account with our social media monthly starter package.
Almost finished! Our last and most important step is testing. We go through a multitude of devices, testing usability and iron out any small problems. When testing is done and we are 100% happy with the end product, make a backup of your old website, upload the latest version and sign off to you. We then give you one last opportunity to make any final changes before signing off. Our process is tried and tested for many years and flows well with our needs as a service provider.

Reliable Online Tools & Technology

Like every workshop that has a set of greasy tools for the job, we rely on some of the best technology out there to create seamless and robust solutions.

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