About us

Addweb is a team of professionals who have many years of experience in web development, from design to marketing.

At the heart of our business is an idea. How to be the best. We always go beyond the extra mile to give our clients a high level of service.

Addweb started in Pennington, Kwazulu-Natal where the first websites were made from DreamWeaver. In those days mobile design wasn’t around so most websites were developed with static interfaces. We were one of the first companies to develop elastic websites that worked on all screen resolutions and also were at the forefront of PNG transparency design that changed the designs drastically.

If you have any questions about web design and would like some answers please get in touch on 021 286 3245.

Our Approach

How do we do it? With lots of coffee, bright-minded people, a marker and a white board! We sit and scratch up ideas that are innovative and work for our clients. Our think tank is strong, and our processes for creating exceptional results is proven time and time again!

We think it’s the coffee that does the trick. Finely ground coffee with no sugar is pure creativity. Besides the amazing coffee we have a relaxed disposition and like to keep our working environment fun.

Photoshop is our goto tool for creating any designs and mockups. Often we make use of existing templates and modify those to suit our clients needs. All our designs are further optimized for the web,making them high quality while loading fast. We also use cache coding so that most of the imagery is loaded only once.

We use the latest HTML 5 and CSS 3 protocols with coding. We also make use of rich data snippets and accelerated HTML templates for mobile design, keeping inline with the latest trends.

Having someone to rely on is a no-brainer. We would not be in business if our service took a back seat. If you have dealt with us before you will sure know that we deliver same day service with any of our products.

Let’s connect and see where it takes us. Our team is always happy to help you succeed online with your internet presence.

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What do we do?

Market Research

From research we can easily set goals to equal and exceed competitor scores, driving your business in front of the competition.

Web Design and SEO

Search engine optimization is done out of the box, leaving no stone unturned with the latest in SEO tools and knowledge.

Mobile and Tablet Apps

Each website we do is automatically optimized as an app for mobile devices that run on all operating systems from Apple to Android.

Website Security

With our security expertise we are able to make your public website bullet-proof against hackers and hacking tools.

Shopping Cart Development

Ecommerce has never been easier with our full functional mobile friendly shopping cart solution that are build for sale.

Customer service

At the heart of our business we believe that great service builds trust and high expectations. Try us out today!

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